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Seven Springs

The Seven Springs – or “Epta Piges” in Greek – is a beautiful valley located between the villages of Kolymbia and Archipolis. The area received its name because spring water flows from seven points in the valley. With crystal-clear waters, various natural inhabitants and a peaceful atmosphere, the Seven Springs area is definitely a worthwhile – and enjoyable – pit-stop for Jeep Safari guests.

During the 1920’s the Italians began building a tunnel at Seven Springs to direct the water to a nearby village. Completed in 1931, the tunnel is 180 meters long and 13 meters deep. It leads water from the Springs and Loutanis River towards a dam (also built by the Italians) at the end of the tunnel. The dam flows into a man-made lake which is used as a depository for irrigation to Kolymbia.

Today the tunnel is used as a walking path to provide visitors with a rather unique experience.

Seven Springs Seven Springs waterfall

As part of the Jeep Safari excursion we, of course, walk through the tunnel! One-by-one we step inside and walk barefoot in the ankle-deep spring water. The ceiling is not very high because it was built for water and not people, so the tunnel is one-way. Once we reach the end there is small hike back to the sitting area. The entire experience takes ten minutes, give or take some time to visit the dam on the other side. Afterward we relax for a little while before heading on for more off-roads driving.

Seven Springs tunnelSeven Springs Lake area