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The second official stop for Jeep Safari is at Agios Nikolaos in Foundoukli located west of the village Eleoussa. Here we take a small break to refill our bottles with natural spring water and to visit an old chapel dating from the 15th century.

A quick tour inside St. Nikolaos Foundoukli, you will see original murals from the 15th century illustrating saints, religious relics and the parents who built the chapel. Believed to be a prominent family during that time, the parents were devoted to the church in San Nicolas and built the chapel in memory of their three children who died from a plague.

Due to the destruction of many churches during the Turkish occupation of Rhodes, Foundoukli is one of a few chapels that still remain on the island.

Just outside is a square for us to gather and enjoy the surroundings. A fountain sits in the square where we cool off with water and nearby a local merchant sells home-made goods. After a little sample of souma and red wine – except drivers! – we head off for a drive in the mountains.

St. Nikolas Foundoukli. 15th century church.Local products at St. Nikolas Founfoukli.