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Program Overview

Hours: Depart around 10:00AM. Return by 5:00PM

Food: Lunch barbecue on the beach will be around 2:30pm – not included in price above. During the many stops you will also have the opportunity to buy food. It is highly recommended that you bring extra water.

Pick-ups: We will pick you up from your hotel: east-coast pick-ups are from Rhodes to Kolymbia, and west-coast is from Rhodes to Fanes.

Drive Around Rhodes
The safari starts off in the north-west side of Rhodes (near Rhodes town), going down the island from west to east close to Kolymbia, and then crossing back to the west again towards Kalavarda. Finally the safari heads north along the west-coast after a slight eastern detour before reaching our original location.

Official Stops
Jeep Safari has three official stops – one for coffee or other refreshment, one to refill water bottles, and finally one for lunch and swimming. There may be additional stops along the way due to unexpected situations, panoramic views, flat tires, water fights, etc.

Having fun while on jeep safari

Age Requirement

What is the minimum age to go on Jeep Safari? Actually, parents know best. Do you think your child will manage and enjoy the bumpy ride? If so, then your child is welcome! Usually children are over the age of four on our excursion.

As for the maximum age… well… there isn't one!