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Health & Safety


All drivers must be at least 23 years of age with a minimum of two years driving experience. Have your license with you. There will be a lot of off-road driving and typically there are more than one driver per jeep. Every time we stop you can change drivers so everyone has a chance to drive off-road.

Please drive careful and safe. Follow the safety rules at all times. As a self-driving safari this means you take full responsibility for your driving behavior.

Walk of shame

For those who insist on careless driving you will be asked to leave the driver’s seat. And for the rare occurrence that you damage the car, you just may have to walk... :0)


It will be a bit bumpy because that’s what safaris do!

Therefore, we assume you don’t have any health issues that might be a problem.


While driving off-road please do not put your arms or any other body parts out of the window. There are many trees and branches along the way and catching onto one may not feel too great.

Also, we ask that there be no smoking in the vehicle during the ride. The mountains get very dry because there is no rain in the summer. Any ash or cigarette thrown out of the window will cause a large fire.

Please, no smoking while on safari.